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FatherSons is a limited run press established in 2012 by photographer Dan Monick and artist Anthony Anzalone.

Originally inspired by the classic Xerox-produced zines of the early to mid 80s, FatherSons’ goal is to recapture the simple method born through many a late night in the all night copy shop.

The FatherSons zine remain a constant,  releasing the 3rd Friday of every month collaborating with a different artist, photographer, or illustrator to create a new zine. All zines are produced in the same format and dimension 5.5”x 8.5”staple-bound color copies, 20 pages each.  Only 20 copies are made available of each edition.  The zines are copied on a home machine from a master copy in which images and text have been cut, taped, glued, stapled or otherwise fashioned to the page. The method and end result are a direct descendant of the classic zine.

In 2015 FatherSons released its first book, Lord God by Bryan Sheffield.